BISEPTYL 100ML Spectinomicina 100 mg; Lincomicina 50 mg

BISEPTYL 100ML Spectinomicina 100 mg; Lincomicina 50 mg - Pet Shop Luna

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Spectinomycin Lincomycin

Qualitative and quantitative composition
1 ml product contains:

Active substance :
Spectinomycin (as sulfate) 100 mg;
Lincomycin (as hydrochloride) 50 mg.
Excipient (s):
Citric acid monohydrate, sodium citrate dihydrate, benzyl alcohol, water for injections.

Pharmaceutical form: solution for injection. Yellow, transparent, particle-free solution.
Target species: cattle, pigs, dogs.

Therapeutic action
Spectinomycin is a bacteriostatic antibiotic. It acts by inhibiting bacterial protein synthesis, by binding to the 30 S ribosomal subunit. It is active against: Salmonella spp., Pasteurella multocida, Escherichia coli and Mycoplasma. After intramuscular administration, it is rapidly absorbed and reaches its maximum blood concentration in 20 minutes, maintaining detectable concentrations for 12 hours.
Lincomycin is a lincosamide antibiotic. It has a mechanism of action and a bacterial spectrum similar to macrolides. It works by inhibiting bacterial protein synthesis by binding to the 50 S ribosomal subunit, preventing the coupling of transfer RNA molecules. It has mainly bacteriostatic action but in high concentrations it can become bactericidal. It is active against Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus spp., (Β-hemolytic strains) Str. viridans, Clostridium tetani, Cl. perfringens, Erisypelothrix rhusiopathiae, Leptospira spp. and Mycoplasme. After intramuscular administration, it is well absorbed. It has a plasma maximum 2-4 hours after administration, and therapeutic concentrations persist for about 6-8 hours. It is widely distributed throughout the body, crosses the placental barrier. In the tissues, a concentration is reached several times higher than in the serum, after crossing the cell wall.
Lincomycin + Spectinomycin: the combination of lincomycin and spectomycin in a ratio of 1: 2, produces a synergistic effect that results in greater efficiency against various pathological processes (porcine dysentery), compared to the situation when these antibiotics are used separately.

Therapeutic indications:
BISEPTYL is effective in pigs, cattle and dogs to treat infections caused by sensitive germs:
Cattle: treatment of respiratory tract infections, digestive, urogenital, osteoarticular (arthritis), skin, treatment of umbilical infections, treatment of infected wounds and abscesses, treatment of meningitis, peritonitis and sepsis, treatment of pneumonia, colibacillosis, mastitis, metritis and panitis.
Pigs: treatment of dysentery with Serpulin, colibacillosis, enzootic pneumonia, salmonellosis.
Dog: treatment of tonsillitis and otitis, pneumonia, complications of stuttering prevention of post-operative infectious complications in all target species.

It is not given to horses because lincomycin causes hemorrhagic colitis and diarrhea with serious results. It must not be used in animals with a history of hypersensitivity to lincomycin or spectinomycin or to those who have been infected with Monilia spp. It must not be used in pregnant or lactating females. It is not administered to lactating females, whose milk is intended for human consumption.

Quantities to be administered and route of administration
In all target species: 10-20 mg spectinomycin + 5-10 mg lincomycin / kg body weight (equivalent to 1 ml BISEPTYL for every 5-10 kg body weight) intramuscularly every 12 hours for 4-7 days. To administer the correct dose, live weight should be determined as accurately as possible to prevent underdosing.

By administering a dose 3 times higher than the therapeutic dose, only a local irritation is usually caused.

Side effects
After intramuscular administration, local pain or irritation may occur.
Interactions with other medicinal products or other forms of interaction.
Do not take with macrolides or aminoglycosides. There is physical incompatibility with penicillin sodium, ampicillin sodium, kanamycin sulfate, colistin methanesulfonate and riboflavin 5-phosphate and therefore should not be mixed with these substances.

Special precautions for use in animals
The use of the product should be based on the result of the susceptibility / antibiotic resistance test on the bacterium isolated from the animal. If this is not possible, therapy should be based on local (regional, farm-level) epidemiological information about the antibiotic resistance of the target bacterium.

Waiting time
Meat: 14 days before slaughter for human consumption.
Pigs and cattle: meat and organs: 14 days.
Cattle: milk from treated animals may not be intended for human consumption.

Period of validity
Shelf life of the veterinary medicinal product as packaged for sale: 3 years. Shelf life after first opening the immediate packaging: 28 days.

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