CATSLINE Melamine Dish for Cats

CATSLINE Melamine Dish for Cats - Pet Shop Luna


€ 8.00 

With its modern design and fashionable, this melamine bowl catsline, will be perfect for your cat's meals, at any time of day. Holds, pâté, this bowl is durable thanks to the melamine as dry food or water. Fashionable, Perfect for your home, this bowl is, to control the liquid or food. Easy to clean, it is durable and easy to carry with you anywhere, anytime. Making it ideal for all types of cats. Light it will be ideal for your cat. Great value pack. is it going to be able to enjoy his favourite food, and in the right conditions.

  • Made from melamine, sturdy and very good quality product.
  • Suitable for all types of cats.
  • With its colours, urban and modern motifs it will fit into your home perfectly.
  • For liquids and food.