Scabatox AMITRAZ 12.5% External antiparasitic Alternative for TAKTIC EXP 01/2022

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  • Description
  • Active substances: Amitraz 12.5%
  • Concentrate for the treatment of scabies, demethodecies, cutaneous mites and ectoparazitosis caused by ticks, lice
  • Target species: cattle, sheep, goats, swine, dogs
  • Administration: external
  • Package: 1000 ml


1 ml emulsifiable concentrate contains:

Amitraz……………….…..……………………..……. 125 mg


Alchilbenzenesulphonic, Triethanolamine, Polysorbate 80, Xylene ……………………………..1 ml



Amitrazul is an ectoparasite that acts by inhibition of mono – aminooxidasis and by blocking the neuromuscular transition at the parasites level, leading to their detachment and death.


Cattle, sheep, goat, swine, dogs.


The treatment of scabies, demethodecies, cutaneous miases and ectoparasitosis produced by ticks, lice in cattle, sheep, goat, swine and dogs.

cattle, in the treatment of scabies produced by: Chorioptes spp., Psoroptes spp., Sarcoptes spp.,  demethodecies  produced by  Demethodex bovis

sheep, in the treatment of scabies produced by: Psoroptes spp., Sarcoptes spp.

goat, in the treatment of scabies produced by Psoroptes spp., Sarcoptes spp.,  demethodecies produced by Demethodex caprae.

swine, in the treatment of scabies produced by: Sarcoptes spp.

dogs, in the treatment of scabies produced by: Sarcoptes spp. and  demethodecies produced by Demethodex canis.


The product is indicated in the target species in the treatment of infestation with:

- ticks: Boophylus spp., Amblyoma spp., Dermacentor spp., Hyalomma spp., Ripicephalus spp.

- lice: Damalinia spp., Linognatus spp., Haematopinus spp., Solenopotes capillatus, Malophagus ovinus.

- in treatment of cutaneous miases produced by Lucilla spp., Calliphora spp. and Phormia spp.



The solution is prepared at the moment of use.

In cattle, sheep, goat, swine there will be done two treatment every 10-14 days.


Spray: 20 ml product  per 10 L water ( one part  product per 500 parts water);

For adult cattle are required at least 2 liters of solution. Swine :

Spray: 40 ml product per 10 L water ( one part product per 250 parts of water).

Sheep, goat:


Initial bath: 1 L product per 500 L water;

Calculate the volume of the bath, fill with clean water, add the necessary amount of product (according to the recommended proportion) and mix well. Height of solution in the bath should be 70 cm for youth and 90-100 cm for adult animals.  The whole body of the animal must be immersed in solution, including the animal’s head. When the bathing volume has decreased with 20 %, the basin must be refilled with an adding solution. The adding solution is prepared of 1.5l of product per 500 l fresh water. It is not necessary to remove crusts before treatment. The bathing solution must not be reused.


Prepare a fresh solution of 1 ml product per500 ml water, which will be used for the local treatment of the affected areas. Depending on the infestation degree, treatment may be repeated weekly for 3-4 weeks.  For a successful treatment and to prevent reinfection of animals, shelters disinfection is necessary, with a solution prepared of 80 ml product per 10 l water.



Do not use on dogs less than 4 months of age.

Lambs can be safely bathed starting with 3 months of age.  On animals that breastfeed the udder must be well washed after treatment. Do not bathe exhausted, thirsty animals, or the ones with open wounds or in the first 14 days after being shaved.  Do not bathe on wet or too hot weather.  It may occasionally appear reactions of sedation, lethargy, vomiting, central nervous system depression, bradycardia and dyspnea, reactions that can last up to 72 hours (24 hours being the usual time).  If the symptoms persist the animals must be washed with soap and water (do not use detergent). It can be used during pregnancy and lactation, except for sheep and goat that must not be bathed in the final month of pregnancy and during the lactation period.

Because amitraz has immunosuppressive effect it must not be administered in combination with corticosteroids and other immunosuppressive drugs (azathioprine, cyclophosphamide etc). Avoid overdose. In case of overdose reactions like ataxy, depression, hiperglicemy and pulse decrease may appear. There is no specific antidote. The treatment is symptomatic and supportive. The respiratory and cardiac functions of the central nervous system must be monitored. Vomiting must not be caused. Do not administer in combination with other antiparasitic.



Meat and organs: Cattle, goat, sheep, swine- 28 days

Milk: Cattle, goat, sheep- 7 days



Temperature below 25°C. Keep away from freezing, light, heat and fire sources. Store in original container, tightly closed.



Bottles with 1000 ml emulsifiable concentrate.







Scabatox 12.5% emulsifiable concentrate is used in the treatment of scabies, demethodecies and ectoparasitoses  produced by ticks and lice in dogs (the treatment of scabies produced by Sarcoptes spp. and demethodecies produced by Demethodex canis and in the treatment of infections with ticks, Dermacentor spp., Ripicephalus spp. and lice).



The product is not used in dogs less than 4 months of age. Do not administer in case hypersensitivity to the active substance or to any of the excipients.  Do not use on diabetic dogs or pregnant animals.



There may occasionally appear reactions of  sedation, lethargy, vomiting, central nervous system depression, bradycardia and dyspnea, reactions that can last up to 72 hours (24 hours is usual). If the symptoms persist, animals must be washed with soap and water (do not use detergent).

It may appear transitory cutaneous pruritus, because of the inflammatory reaction caused by the intradermical death of the parasites. This reaction disappears in 24-48 hours after treatment. If observed severe reactions or other effects not mentioned in this prospect you must inform the veterinary.



The solution in prepared at the moment of use.

Cut the fur of long and medium fur animals, wash it with delicate shampoo and dry with a dry towel.  For each animal prepare a fresh solution containing 1ml product per 500 ml water (1 bottle x 10 ml per 5 litres of water), moist the animal’s fur. Do not rinse or wipe the fur after the application of solution. Dry the animal in air under surveilance, to avoid licking.

There will be applied 3-6 treatments each 14 days, for generalized demethodecie. The treatment must be continued until there will be no more viable parasites in the scraper gathered on the skin level, after two successive  applications or until the 6 applications will be finished. In severe evolution cases or in the case of reinfested dogs you may resort to a second or third series of treatment, applied every 14 days. Interrupting the series of treatment will not have the expected clinical result.

For the treatment success or the avoidance of animal reinfection, shelter disinfection with a solution, made of 80 ml product per 10 l water, is necessary.



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