IDC Power Dog Harness Julius K9, Flower Pink/ Pettorina Julius k9 per cani

IDC Power Dog Harness Julius K9, Flower Pink/ Pettorina Julius k9 per cani - Pet Shop Luna

Julius k9



IDC Power dog harness Julius K9


Baby 1,

Weight: 0.8 - 3 kg;

Chest circumference: 29 -36 cm
Baby 2,

Weight: 2 - 5 kg;

Chest circumference: 33 - 45 cm
Mini mini,

Weight: 4 - 7 kg;

Chest circumference: 40 - 53 cm

Weight: 7 - 15 kg;

Chest circumference: 51 - 67 cm
Size 1,

Weight: 23 - 30 kg;

Chest circumference: 63 - 85 cm
Size 2,

Weight: 28 - 40 kg;

Chest circumference: 71 - 96 cm
Size 3,

Weight: 40 - 70 kg;

Chest circumference: 82 - 115 cm
Size 4,

Weight: 70 - 90 kg;

Chest circumference: 96 - 138 cm

The ergonomic, modern, sporty, innovative design offers a feeling of increased comfort.
It is made of a waterproof material, being lined with a skin-friendly material, letting it breathe and not developing allergies (OkoTex).

One of the most important features of an IDC Power Ham - Julius K9 is that it works like a visibility vest. The gray line of the strap on the chest, the edges of the harness, the side labels with logo (which can be customized) are made of a reflective material, so that the dog is visible in the dark, even from a great distance.
The buckles are constantly tested and verified, and an additional advantage is the fact that during the winter they are resistant, being unbreakable.

The harness has a stainless steel ring - 6 mm available as a fastening system.
The harness can be accessorized with a flashlight or side bags.

Certified quality!