Pine essential oil- 100% PURE -10mL (Pinus silvestris)

Pine essential oil- 100% PURE -10mL (Pinus silvestris)

Farmacia Dav

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Essential oil of pine (Pinus silvestris), containing: pinene, limonene, silvestren.
Pine is an imposing conifer that grows mostly in northeastern Russia, Scandinavia and northern Europe. More than 80 species of this magnificent tree are currently known.
Almost unknown to ancient Egyptian civilization, pine was highly valued by Greeks and Arabs, who recognized its curative qualities. It was mainly used in the form of inhalations. It has been found that populations living near pine forests very rarely experience respiratory discomfort.
Essential oil vapors reach the airways with inspiration, producing a number of beneficial effects.
Use for body and soul
Pine essential oil is very good for refreshing the smell of rooms when used in the form of candles.
A pleasant way to banish stress and fatigue for long days is to take a bath with pine oil.

Pine oil is useful in states of weakness and fatigue, eases breathing and eliminates respiratory discomfort. He brings a touch of freshness and positive approach to life.
How to use:
External use, using the lamp, massage, inhalations or in bath water.
10 ml.