SeptiMar - Nasal Spray - Congestion Relief - for Blocked Nose - 30ml

SeptiMar - Nasal Spray - Congestion Relief - for Blocked Nose - 30ml - Pet Shop Luna

Vitalia Pharma

€ 8.00 

Hypertonic sea water, natural, undiluted, without preservatives. Action: The product with hypertonic sea water is especially recommended in case of reduction in nasal congestion and reduction of sinus congestion, rhinitis and in common cases of cold and flu. Produces hydration of the nasal mucosa, protecting it from the penetration of microorganisms and impurities (fine particles) from the atmosphere. Indicated for people who cannot use or tolerate nasal decongestants based on chemicals or develop drug allergies. Benefits: Seawater used in their manufacture retains its complete combination of over 80 minerals and trace elements normally found in Black Sea water, including calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, manganese, zinc, iodine and others. Hypertonic sea water is indicated for nasal hygiene, does not contain preservatives, reduces nasal inflammation and unblocks blocked airways. Due to its hypoallergenic nature and specific cell regeneration properties, it does not irritate even the most fragile mucous membranes of the nasal passages. Hypertonic sea water is a natural product with the role of defense and protection of mucous membranes and tissues, through the action of the substances contained in it. Presentation: 30 ml