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VIYO CAT is a nutritional drink with probiotics for cat action.


  • VIYO contains substances with probiotics (inulin and fructooloigozaharide). These substances stimulate beneficial gut bacteria (e.g. Lactocacillus bifido) and inhibit the growth of germs.
  • - VIYO contains all vitamins and minerals (A, D3, E, B1, B2, B6, biotin, CHOLINCLORID, iron, manganese, zinc) for healthy animals.
  • - VIYO is a source of essential fatty acids, animal, easily digestible and assimilable. It also contains taurine, which is very essential for the health of cats.
  • - VIYO stimulates fluid absorption for optimal recovery and prevent health problems caused by inadequate fluid intake.
  • - VIYO helps maintain skin and hair health from balanced omega 3 and omega 6 cotinutul acids.
  • Action:
  •  - Provides good kidney function by stimulating fluid absorption
  • - supports normal brain function Perin intake of Omega 3 fatty acids - if inflamtiilor inhibitory effect in the intestine, helping to protect the tube - Eschilibrat content of Omega 3 and Omega 6 helps maintain high mobility thanks to its anti-inflammatory articulatins
  •  the rate of overheating cases by increasing the absorption of liquids from the stomach.
  • - Stimulates milk production in females with puppies and ensures higher nutrient intake during gestation and lactation.
  •  - Increases the vitality of cat chicks, because prebiotic substances
  • Directions:
  •  - Shake before use
  •  - can be administered directly or diluted with water
  • - after opening should be consumed within 15 days
  • - Store in the refrigerator and administer at room temperature
  •  - it can be inserted as an adjuvant in the administration of drugs due to its good dosage:
  • - The average dose for an adult cat is approx. 30 ml/day Contains no artificial preservatives or colors!